4Branch Productions


An urban musical based on the music by Kirk Caouette. 

Starring Michelle HarrisonKirk Caouette and Paul McGillion.  

Hit ‘n Strum is a bittersweet modern day musical exploring an unlikely friendship that flourishes after a beautiful career woman accidentally runs down a homeless street busker in a seedy Vancouver back alley.


Official website: www.hitnstrum.com 

Worlds collide when Stephanie, 30's, beautiful, takes a wrong turn and runs down Mike, a scruffy homeless street busker, in Vancouver’s gritty Downtown Eastside.   As Mike gets to his feet, Stephanie panics and peels away, leaving the scene and her conscience behind her.

The next day while walking to work she is shocked to see the man playing guitar and busking in front of her office building.  Stephanie soon learns that Mike "The Music Man" has been playing there everyday for the last three years and she has never taken the time to look down and notice him.

For the first time ever she is forced to stop and listen, and in his music she makes a beautiful discovery -- a discovery, and a friendship, that will forever change both of their lives. 

Director: Kirk Caouette

Producers: Jacqueline Nguyen, Kirk Caouette, Michael G. Shore, John Cassini, Shawn McLaughlin

Director of Photography: Pieter Stathis